Wow, the engine is really load…

This is a great find – from our creep in the cellar. Now Revit really plays well with OpenBIM… sort of…


Some eye-candy


You got to know the tricks and… – Life is Good

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It’s been a long time…

…long lonely, lonely time…

It’s been a while since our last post – there are reasons – we sort of got thrown under the bus by an interesting problem we are still working on.

Here is the model:


Partial model in order to preserve IP on the design

The challenge: create finishes on the walls derived from a parameter in the room:

The Dynamo:


All credits here to Peter Kompolschek.

Here vis the Python:


Again – credits to Peter K. with adjustments done by LRCZ.

The result:


Alternative approach – pure LRCZ stuff:

The Dynamo


The result


Similar results, the latter needs more work to get the finishes joined to the base walls – so stay tuned.

Life is… good…

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Our best friend…

…has something to say here.

And I need to mention that I like my project looking like this:


Actually looking like this:


Me neither – and that makes life good…

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Living in vain…

The emperors clothes – let’s try to clad columns in Revit using Dynamo.

Here is the workflow:


And here is before:Capture

And after:


Happy to share…

And life is now good…

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Ton, Steine, Scherben…

Next episode in our quest to a better copy-and-monitor workflow in our BIM tool – a.k.a. Autodesk® Revit.

Let’s see if we can copy walls from one project into another empty project file…

First we are looking at a couple of walls and floors and structural framing in one project:


Then we fire up Dynamo to record the walls – literally…


That gives us an Excel file with all the determining parameter values:


Now – lets read that back into a file that we prepared with the right levels – this workflow will be posted shortly…

All levels prepared – workflow following shortly…


Now a Dynamo script to read the Excel and recreate the walls


And after running the script:


Inching in on where we want this to go.. stay tuned…

Did I mention life is good? It is…

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I am a clone, I am not alone…

Another phrase out of a song that is persistently stuck in the back of my head…

Now – next step in the saga of creating a better copy-and-monitor workflow in Revit.

Back to levels – target project (empty) in front, source project (with lots a levels in the back):


This workflow reads the levels – including their type names:


Writing it back to the target project uses this workflow:


And the result:


There is an Excel File involved in the workflow:


Which basically means that at this point of the workflow we could remap things… which IMHO opens a lot of opportunities…

Tonight, life is good (wall workflow pending for the rest of this week… first steps done)…


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A rouge idea – in Revit, the copy-monitor process is – quite honestly, I can’t really get it to work…

So – let’s reinvent it – disclaimer, this is just a start…

Dynamo – let’s record the levels of a project:


Subsequently we can recreate those levels  in a clean new project:


First step done – walls following soon, then the structural stuff – if anybody out there is interested in that kind of stuff – get me at this email.

Indeed, life is good…


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