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Three AutoCAD users walked into a bar… to clean it.


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Revit Server and linked CAD Files

You may have encountered the inconvenience before. You have a project hosted on Revit Server, and you got several CAD files (DWG,…) linked into it. In due diligence you made sure that every location has the CAD on the same path, so that it can be pulled locally without Revit acting up.

However, one fine day you need to travel and end up in a situation where you have to access the Revit Server project to make a quick change. And then the wait game begins, because you don’t have  the CAD files with you. And the file open will take close to forever.

Sure, there is Collaboration for Revit (C4R) and other hosted services, but for whatsoever reason you can’t or don’t want to use them.

Workaround: Don’t link your CAD directly into your Revit Server project. Create a separate Revit Project and create a view for each CAD file. Place them current view only, name the views in a meaningful way. Let’s call this new Revit project CAD-Resource.rvt. Then link this CAD-Resource.rvt into your Revit Server project and display the views from CAD-Resource.rvt as needed (View/Visibility > Display link by linked view). Make sure to put the CAD-Resource.rvt on a separate workset, lets call it #RVT-CAD-Link.

Now, whenever you are away and can’t access the DWG-links simply leave the #RVT-CAD-Link closed when you open the file. This avoids the long wait time when Revit does not find the linked CAD.

You still can then reload the CAD-Resource.rvt from a local file location on your laptop, provided that you did not forget to take it along.

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Revit Room behavior

Strange Revit Rooms behavior – watch the perimeter change when wall thicknesses change

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Great tool…

Boost Your BIM

Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm and feedback on my recent posts about exporting family parameters to Excel and modifying the parameter data.

I’ve added the Shared Parameter GUIDs, the ability to modify parameters stored as text, integer, and double values, and UI for specifying folders and files. Are there other changes that would be valuable to make before I publish the tool?

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Another Detail sample

Another Detail sample

To all you 2D AutoCAD guys out there – once you comprehend Revit’s unique 2D capabilities you won’t turn back…

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Detailing in Revit

Detailing in Revit

People say Revit is no good doing detailing – I beg to differ – sharp looking detail with minimum effort….

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