A short Commercial Break

#BILTeur2017 – join the conference, early bird tickets are selling out fast – get your seat here

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A short break #OTWB

A German speaking BIM conference – On Top With BIM.


There is a number of incentives out there promoting BIM – this one is trying to live up to the promises – please find the related info here.

What makes this event stand apart?

  • You’ll experience a true effort to form a community of enthusiasts trying to foster an nourish the idea of collaboration in BIM
  • There will be real-world answers to real-world problems for professionals in the field
  • Nobody will try to sell you anything – it will be all about how to succeed and – on the side – have a little bit of fun with BIM

And just to make the point:


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The Day of Creation

Another silly title – a novel by my favorite writer J.G.Ballard

Anyways – there is an annoying behavior in Dynamo – at least for me – you create stuff in one run of the graph.


Then you run the graph again to create some more stuff. The stuff created before gets deleted.


Note: Please Dynamo team – give us a toggle so that we don’t have to constantly work around this issue.

The graph to the above is here:


Now – how do we make that stuff stick? It’s especially tricky with annotation objects. When experimenting with we found out that pinning the dimension line would save her from deletion. So – after some searching – we found Element.SetPinnnedStatus from the Rhythm package.




(Image source: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/patience-at-work.html/work-frustration)

Sure, we pinned with Dynamo so it is clever enough to undo all and just redo the dimension line.

The remedy: a little Python script added to that:


The code of the script is super easy – it basically transforms elements to Design Script Type elements. And then they stick.


Don’t ask me why it works – but it works


Life is good…

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Of lillies and remains

Stupid title – but I had that song by Bauhaus in my head when I started to type.

Client problem – join all walls to all floors they are touching (or sticking in…)

Answer – Dynamo of course, but this was a tricky one:


Let’s look at it in detail:

First we collect the input geometry – pretty straightforward except the ForceChildrenEval node from ProRubim which is super handy in cases you want to force Dynamo to re-evaluate your graph.


After that we try to find the objects close to our walls and filter out the floors:


It’s a custom node from SteamNodes  – alternatively we could do Element.Geometry and Geometry.DoesIntersect to fish out the Walls and Floors that touch. That might be an alternative approach. But right now I am happy that this works.

Third some list management to feed all that into a node that will join:


The problem here was that the Element.JoinGeometry node from Clockwork – though it works great wont accept Lacing.Longest. Which means that in a situation where you have 4 Walls and each of these touches an random number of floors there will be an issue. To counteract those we count the floors per wall, repeat the walls in the other list so that we have two lists that have matching pairs of wall and floor. That can be fed into the Element.JoinGeometry node.

Be careful with the lacing on these nodes, it’s pretty important that this is set right to make it all work…

End result:


All beautifully joined – life is good…

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OpenSource BIM anybody

The Aarhus school of Architecture is running an initiative:

Quote from their website:

“B-processor is BIM software that has been and currently is still developed by the Aarhus School of Architecture in cooperation with the Alexandra institute. While it follows the main concepts and definitions of BIM, some essential ideas are quite different. This is owed to the fact that B-processor was developed from scratch, not as an add-on or further development of existing CAD software.”

More here.


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Eat drink and be merry

Have you ever had the rather annoying situation of a family composed out of a number shared subfamilies where you want to make an adjustment without editing the probably very complex family.

Just like exploding the family into its sub-parts…


Well, Dynamo to the rescue:


What’s happening here is that we collect the nested families, get their insert points and rotation, then recreate them.

The Python node at the end looks like this:


Thanks to Konrad Soborn – I had to get the script out of a custom node to get this to work

After running the script on a family it will be exploded into its sub-components


Life is good…



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On Top With BIM

Just a pointer to a very interesting German-speaking BIM event:



6/29 – 6/30 at Villa Blanka, Innsbruck

What (in German):
ON TOP WITH BIM ist ein Forum, gestaltet von BIM Experten für Führungskräfte.
Ziel des Forums ist die Lösung der Aufgaben bei der Einführung und Management von Building Information Modelling.
• Stand der Technik: BIM
• Digitale Transformation der Immobilienbranche
• Veränderung der Berufsbilder
• Europäische und nationale Standards
• Executive und BIM
Zielgruppe sind alle Führungskräfte in der Wertschöpfungskette der Immobilienbranche:
• Investoren
• Bauherren
• Betreiber
• Baumanagement
• Fachplaner
• Ausführende Unternehmen
• Lernen Sie funktionierende BIM Workflows aus erster Hand
• Minimieren Sie Risiken bei der Einführung von BIM
• Maximieren Sie den ROI durch die Adaptierung
durchdachter Systeme.
• Treffen Sie die richtigen Personalentscheidungen
in Sachen BIM
• Entwicklung zukünftiger Standards

More info here.

Hope to see you there…

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