Looks, looks, looks

Hello Hurray – Livingroomcraftz has moved into a new office in central Delft. First let me give you some pictures:


And if you want to find us – here is the map


Which or course is here


So if you want to stop by for  a coffee – feel free – and life is good…

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123 es ist nix dabei

First post for 2020 – readers born between 1960 and 1980 in a German speaking country might recognize the title – “Der Kommissar” by Falco – Austrias more than one hit wonder of the days – video here.

Any cool Revit hack? nah, sure I’d have some but not today. Dynamo stuff? Nah, yeah we did some workflows lately here but that will be a longer post that would require more focussed attention than I can deliver tonight – so we set the stage…

What we are talking about today – 3D printing for architecture it is… and here I will make an endorsement – I have been tinkering around with the Anycubic Chiron for quite a while.

At first after unboxing it worked great, after a while I got the infamous “T0 Senser abnormal” message mid print. Well, next to the misspelling, I had no idea.

Than came Larry from Anycubic support Larry

He walked me through all the steps getting the printer functional again and right now – it’s alive and … printing..


I personally – and being part of the LRCZ team – do such endorsements not easily but Anycubic is really trying it’s best – cost is OK, support is just more than OK.

Special thanks to Cathy and Larry

And that is t for the first post of 2020…

All is good


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Thank God it’s not X-Mas..

Dear congregation, let us… do something practical, I’d like to share the very essence of this year’s work at Livingroomcraftz with you:


The IFC Coordination body that we all should have in our files and templates at 0,0,0 Project Origin

Not a big one you would think but in reality… and if you want to make my life as a practical BIM Manager dealing with Gigabytes of IFC files on a daily basis – pretty please..

Such as here:


It makes life just easy – welcome 2020 with this little bugger in all our files

Download available here.

For a short time only – Life is good…

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Creep in the cellar

It seems that our friend has some final words for the year – https://wordpress.com/post/justshutupandbim.wordpress.com/202

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Don’t try to talk my dear…

Some interesting find – don’t you love this warning in Revit:


If you are plagued by this particular warning and could validate that there is nothing overlapping..


Dynamo to the rescure…


Super easy – record the Limit Offset parameter of all views, increment it and decrement it to the original value and all those stupid warnings are gone and…

Life is good  – again

P.S.: How to make rooms visible in a 3D View is another story – stay tuned….

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…and be clean everywhere…

Good evening dear followers

Tonight’s topic – we have a large Revit file with an abundance of views and we just want to remove those that are not placed on Sheets so that we don’t mess up our sheets stes.

Sounds easy you might think but is not. There are a couple of options:

Manually iterating through your project browser: well, if you have an intern that requires BS work (I am referencing David Graeber “Bullshit Jobs” here) – that is the way to go. That will keep her/him busy for the next two days. Intrinsically bullshit. Period. Time wasted, money wasted. But that is how free market operates. Don’t get me started on that.

Revit Project Browser organization: organize the browser to filter out all views that are on sheets by using this mask:


Well, that is apparently too aggressive and leaves me with empty sheets – if somebody has an idea on the search string please comment


Dynamo for the rescue – here is a little script


Downside is that it takes a very long time but the result is as expected.

Graph is available https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yf7GQSa5TJoShPg7eD5Xj-aYxKyH-KoF

Time to port Dynamo scripts to macros or plugins – I take offers…

And all is good…

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A commercial break

Lately I have been reviewing some products and I want to share this with you readers.

I have been looking at a couple of Revit plug-ins from RCCCAD

Those tools aim at structural modelling and – lo and behold – they look quite good.

First there is InstaCrete – modelling tools with a distinct edge on enabling 4D and 5D information in your model. Your VDC model. And I make a point out of this since I – personally – now make a point out of putting the term “BIM” to rest. I have seen too much crappy “BIM”-Models lately so let’s just deprecate this label and focus on VC – such as in Virtual Construction.

So what can we do with InstaCrete you may ask?


That’s what you first see when you open up Concrete Settings. And that sparked my interest – so this is not just one of these  modelling tools – somebody thought about construction and cost. Bravo.

Grid and Level creation is pretty much straightforward


Helpful, nothing all too special but when configured right a time saver.

Then there is a substantial volume of structural members creation tools – I won’t go into details here – but you can check them out downloading the 15-day trial from RCCCAD.


Which – I’d recommend you out there to do.

Finally an intriguing button:


What does it do? It lets you directly write a schedule top Excel. So let’s test that on a quite substantial project file:


Let’s fire the tool up:


This dialogue is pretty straightforward – select a category


Tada – you are asked to save an Excel file – and I now spare you the details because it is as straightforward as creating a schedule in Revit but just as an Excel file (which your client asked you to send before the end of the hour)…


Here we go – your schedule in Excel – minimal effort

I can recommend this tool…

For the rest – there are still two more tools to review – InstaSys and InstaFoundation – will happen shortly…

Cheers to all out of you banging the VC…

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Spuds – BILT Academy has now 99 Students signed up.

Singed up for a great learning opportunity in Edinburgh…

We got to make it 100 – that’s where BILT Academy is maxed out – so who is going to be #100?

Cheers to you all…


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Another very useless title for a blogpost but – alas – nothing better came to mind so here we go.

And it has been a while since our last post – but it was a mildly crazy year so far.

Topic of the day is – collect elements in Revit using Dynamo, take one parameter and write it to Excel on Office 365. Then edit the sheet online. Then suck the altered data back.

Numero uno – the Dynamo graph to write the data to Excel:


Script available here.

The file:


The idea is to write all parameter values for “Offset” to Excel for online editing. Here we go:


Now we can edit this file in a browser:


This script will suck the values back in:


Link to script here.

Video available here.

And life is good.


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Rice and beans

With all the cosy madness that is happening around Livingromcraftz at the moment there has been one outstanding find today – and to be homest – we do not endorse products lightly but this product deserves it.

Long story short – we purchased an Anycubic Photon 3D printer out of the sole necessity that we had to print large stuff.

photon-s-hero-1284x722OK – the machine is small, but the technology of resin printing is promising for architectural models, especially at scale 1:2000 (more on that shortly)

One downside we immediately noticed was the resin – the smell of SLA resin is quite noticeable and even our dogs got a bit iffy on that.

But now – there is an alternative – here – and I am more than excited to try it – imagine architectural models originating in soy beans…

Life has a slight shimmer of hope….

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