Thank God it’s not X-Mas..

Dear congregation, let us… do something practical, I’d like to share the very essence of this year’s work at Livingroomcraftz with you:


The IFC Coordination body that we all should have in our files and templates at 0,0,0 Project Origin

Not a big one you would think but in reality… and if you want to make my life as a practical BIM Manager dealing with Gigabytes of IFC files on a daily basis – pretty please..

Such as here:


It makes life just easy – welcome 2020 with this little bugger in all our files

Download available here.

For a short time only – Life is good…

About LRCZ

Platform for multiple talents
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1 Response to Thank God it’s not X-Mas..

  1. dsellam says:

    Hello, Is this possible to renew the link ?


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