Dynamo BIM – Sheets to/from Excel

The client had the following scenario – renaming a large number of sheets. The obvious choice was to use Excel. So we needed two Graphs, one for writing to Excel, one for reading back.

Writing to Excel was pretty straightforward:


Note the Archi-Lab Get Built In Parameter node – this ensures that we are language independent

The result is a spreadsheet with 5 columns – Element Id, original Sheet Number, original Sheet Name, new Sheet Number and new Sheet Name. The last two can be changed to new values.


Now lets change some sheet names and numbers


Reading from Excel was a bit tricky


Here we have to use the Set Builtin Parameter method provided by Archi-Lab; Set Parameter by Name would not work for Sheet Numbers.

And the result…




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1 Response to Dynamo BIM – Sheets to/from Excel

  1. rob says:

    Can you attach the Dynamo scripts? Thanks


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