A commercial break

Lately I have been reviewing some products and I want to share this with you readers.

I have been looking at a couple of Revit plug-ins from RCCCAD

Those tools aim at structural modelling and – lo and behold – they look quite good.

First there is InstaCrete – modelling tools with a distinct edge on enabling 4D and 5D information in your model. Your VDC model. And I make a point out of this since I – personally – now make a point out of putting the term “BIM” to rest. I have seen too much crappy “BIM”-Models lately so let’s just deprecate this label and focus on VC – such as in Virtual Construction.

So what can we do with InstaCrete you may ask?


That’s what you first see when you open up Concrete Settings. And that sparked my interest – so this is not just one of these  modelling tools – somebody thought about construction and cost. Bravo.

Grid and Level creation is pretty much straightforward


Helpful, nothing all too special but when configured right a time saver.

Then there is a substantial volume of structural members creation tools – I won’t go into details here – but you can check them out downloading the 15-day trial from RCCCAD.


Which – I’d recommend you out there to do.

Finally an intriguing button:


What does it do? It lets you directly write a schedule top Excel. So let’s test that on a quite substantial project file:


Let’s fire the tool up:


This dialogue is pretty straightforward – select a category


Tada – you are asked to save an Excel file – and I now spare you the details because it is as straightforward as creating a schedule in Revit but just as an Excel file (which your client asked you to send before the end of the hour)…


Here we go – your schedule in Excel – minimal effort

I can recommend this tool…

For the rest – there are still two more tools to review – InstaSys and InstaFoundation – will happen shortly…

Cheers to all out of you banging the VC…

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Spuds – BILT Academy has now 99 Students signed up.

Singed up for a great learning opportunity in Edinburgh…

We got to make it 100 – that’s where BILT Academy is maxed out – so who is going to be #100?

Cheers to you all…


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Another very useless title for a blogpost but – alas – nothing better came to mind so here we go.

And it has been a while since our last post – but it was a mildly crazy year so far.

Topic of the day is – collect elements in Revit using Dynamo, take one parameter and write it to Excel on Office 365. Then edit the sheet online. Then suck the altered data back.

Numero uno – the Dynamo graph to write the data to Excel:


Script available here.

The file:


The idea is to write all parameter values for “Offset” to Excel for online editing. Here we go:


Now we can edit this file in a browser:


This script will suck the values back in:


Link to script here.

Video available here.

And life is good.


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Rice and beans

With all the cosy madness that is happening around Livingromcraftz at the moment there has been one outstanding find today – and to be homest – we do not endorse products lightly but this product deserves it.

Long story short – we purchased an Anycubic Photon 3D printer out of the sole necessity that we had to print large stuff.

photon-s-hero-1284x722OK – the machine is small, but the technology of resin printing is promising for architectural models, especially at scale 1:2000 (more on that shortly)

One downside we immediately noticed was the resin – the smell of SLA resin is quite noticeable and even our dogs got a bit iffy on that.

But now – there is an alternative – here – and I am more than excited to try it – imagine architectural models originating in soy beans…

Life has a slight shimmer of hope….

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Let’s get physical…

These days Livingroomcraftz has been very busy on a particular project that also involved creating a physical model.

So – a little run down on architectural 3D printing:

These days you can choose between FDM (fusion depositing modelling) and SLA (stereolithography printing)

First option – FDM – creates a model by adding plastic layer by layer



Clean process, if the printer is set up correctly it is pretty hassle free

Large build volume

Hardware is getting ridiculously cheap these days


Level of detail is questionable

Material cost for a professional printer can be significant

Build time is long

Second option DLA resin printing



This is a < €500.– printer

Quick build time (1 hour/20mm height)

Superb level of detail (see below)

Material is dirt cheap


Working with potentially dangerous chemicals

Small build volume

A sample of what the print looks like


Yes – it does transparent – you can even get dental grade resin

But – that’s what you need


As you can see – it’s an Anycubic Photon S and – it’s fun to do stuff

However – given the different modelling styles you also need to adapt your modelling style before sending it to the printer – but that will be another post

Just a final picture of what stuff will look like…


And – did I forget to mention – life is good…

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Fear is a man’s best friend

After some while of silence – here we are again. The title might be misleading – as usual – but substitute “Fear” with “subst” and we are talking.

Subst – a command going back in those days where DOS was the welcoming screen of your computing device.


So – in case all your Revit links on your office computer point to something like this:


But your current travel related setup looks like thisCapture.PNG

Note the drive letter change – no way Revit will reload the gazillion links without cumbersome re-pathing.

But here is the trick – command window and subst command – make the pathe on your laptop the same as on your office network and all will be good.

A quick hint:


For more on that feel free to PM me…

Life is good… so good…


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Our long time friend…

…found something.

And we do like Enscape a lot. Not to be misunderstood as promotion, it just works here as a tool to do our job well.

And life is good…

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Come together

Our friend has something to say about massing and joining – here is the link

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I can’t remember my own name…

(I think I’ve gone insane…) Another 90íes song title that come to mind but summarized beautifully the finding of the day.

Think coordinates – long ones. Think about geo-referencing your Revit file. Think about angles and coordinate precision.

Allow me to take you onto a ride – we start simple. In Revit we rig up a simple test bed such as this:


That’s the project units – now lets set up the project:



Basic – lets just add a dimension to the angle:


Now – to make it a bit of a challenge – let us apply shared coordinates to this:


And now let’s check the output after exporting it to DWG:


So far all looks good – here is a close-up measured in AutoCAD


Now let’s change those shared coordinates to something mildly insane – but Chinese Xi’an 80 system has insane long numbers:


Now lets see the result in AutoCAD:


If you look at the coordinates in AutoCAD you might see the difference


Source files are available upon request.

And for now – life is good…



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News hour…

Our good friend posted some news https://wordpress.com/post/justshutupandbim.wordpress.com/169

More to come soon…

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