Larks tongues in aspic..

Our friend here has a statement to make:

Last couple of days had been a bit quiet and focused on production work and “future opportunities”.

The latter term I like a lot because 1 in 10 of advertised “guaranteed projects within the next 2 months” actually translate in money in the bank. But that is a small business rant.

More importantly – the workflow described above is sorta kinda cool – poll – what do you think?


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Some of them are old…

Tip: Brian Eno – here Comes The Warm Jets album. Anyways – a quick update here.

And just for the records – I expect bashing on this remark – 3D PDF is cool IMHO….


File will come later due to IP restrictions…

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It’s just work…

Party time – production work to do. Now we here at LRCZ can put all the theory to work in a production environment – so we beta test our templates and families and Dynamo workflows…

Number one – the current project looks cool – growing day by day:


On the Dynamo side of life – not so much new unless you really want to know how to document all parameters in a Revit family.


Dyn here.

Modifying the names will be the next step so stay tuned – a little spoiler:


Thanks to Peter Kompolschek for this code snipplet.

Now let’s translate – but that is a very different story.


Life is good…

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Some of the are old, some of the are new…

Basic list management in Dynamo debunked.. here.

Meanwhile the staff at Livingroomcraftz is battling complex floors like these ones…


Duh – complex – stay tuned for more…


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Third uncle

I really like this song youtube link here.

Anyways – our office freak was on to something here.

For the coming days there will be a bit of silence – production work pending – we need a model for this:


Tons of work pending…

Work is good, life is good…

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Sunday morning…

Our friend just found something –

Types without types…


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Gonna be easy

Our favorite freak on a leash it up to something here.

Agreed that the fact that Revit uses single precision for it’s geometry (definition here) is a drag.

And that a company like A’desk cant fix that is making me genuinely unhappy. What more to say if you got to handle complex stuff like this:


Cutting Solids with Toposurfaces in Dynamo – works, but it’s a mind bender…

Life is still good….

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