Time is on my side…

Indeed, we here at Livingroomcraftz have been busy with all sorts of things so – no time for blogging.

Nonetheless – our creep in the cellar posted this.

Interesting work in progress.

Apart of that – box fitting time – how many boxes 1x1x1m can we fit on the property:


Floor plan:




Pull it here.

The result is basically voxels you can count – some fancy UI:


And the result:


And life is good…

PS.: if you are patient and play with the box sizes the result becomes mire detailed…


That’s fun… the theory behind it is here.

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A Pattern language

We have a scaffolding here:


We need anchors to fix it at a checkerboard pattern – every second element in a story…

Line this:Noname.png

The Dynamo behind it is like this:


If you are interested – let me know… Dynamo here.

Life is slowly getting better…

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Movie times…

We put stuff on YouTube:

Place Elements.

Change Parameters in multiple Elements.

Change Parameters in a single row

The piece de resistance – propagate changes..

Propagate change in an assembly..

And finally – a 20 minute Dynamo – just move it all to create a corner – to be demonstrated in more detail

Move elements.

Not too bad for a Saturday afternoon…

And life is (almost) good…

Get some Popcorn…

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Win through being cool…

Well, sane people enjoy holidays, sane people enjoy weekends, sane people… people with a condition described as morbus dynamoensis do Dynamo at those days.

But the stuff we did today is too cool not to be shared. And – other than usual – we won’t walk you through all the Dynamos – instead we invite you to send a message if you are really interested in how the stuff works.

Let me just show you a little teaser – here is this complex scaffolding assembly – constructed with a Dynamo script.


Note the line on the top left end of the structure. And remember that all the elements are still single parts.


First script will move all parts along the line:




And after selecting a single element in the scaffolding:


All moved. Note the detail:


As said above – this is just a tease for a variety of scripts to follow. You are interested? Send us a message…

Some more stuff…

From here:


To here:


In a single step:


The Dynamo is here:


More to come the upcoming days. And life is (almost) good…

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What’s inside the box?

We recently got the following inquiry: there is a model consisting out of walls, beams, columns and floors.

All of the structural elements are made out of concrete.

We want to draw a random box and get the exact amount of concrete for structural elements by category that is within the box. If an element is partially cut by the box, we want it sliced by the box and the part within the box added to it.

Here is the Dynamo that does exactly that:



Let’s dissect that:


Here we get the user input – the box and the category of elements to take into account

Next we got to do a clash detection between the elements collected and – here I need to emphasize how great I find Bimorph Nodes – the performance difference is dramatic.


Now we check if elements are structural:


Then we pull the geometry of elements, cut them by the box and pull the volume


And – to make things snazzy we try to visualize that in Revit and Dynamo:


In Revit we do that by using the following nodes:


It honestly does not show too much – that’s why we use the Watch3D node as a proof of our results – here we can see that the elements are cut back by the box:


And life is – getting better…


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A quick one…

Category – 50 seconds Dynamo. It was not the greatest day of days today, lot’s of work and the server decided to do a Windows Update which basically consumed modt of todays productive time.

Nonetheless, jumping into preparations for a new project we started to lay out the grids and lo and behold we wanted to be clean and start with Grid 1 vertically and Grind A horizontally.

At Grid one we got the infamous warning:


The only problem was – Grid 1 was nowhere to be found in the project. So we had a choice of 2 – searching for half an hour to find the mysterious Grid 1 or building a Dynamo – in 50 seconds.


Done – Grid 1 is nuked out of the system and the name can now be reassigned. That’s essentially what I like about Dynamo, quick and easy stuff.

Life get’s better…

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We still have a long way to go…

Another song title – who’s the first to name artist/album will get a present. Nonetheless, let’s get to the issue at hand.

Crunch time, projects coming in, and this week we had two IFC based collaborative ones. Finally real BIM!

The lay of the land is that we need to take these architectural IFCs and develop our structural construction drawings around them.

Number one – a nimble but still challenging project – adding a carport and garage to an existing structure and the IFC we got looks like this at first glance:Capture.PNG

Hmm – not perfect needs a bit of massage to work right but then again good enough to put the structural information in there and produce some sharp looking documents to communicate with construction…


Case closed on this one.

Next one looks so sharp in the IFC viewer:


But then again in Revit – outch – evil error message:


And the result in Revit



Ground floor is missing – so I call for help and Peter Kompolschek came to the rescue – he found the bug in the IFC file:


Following the advice I went into the IFC with a text editor and looked at line 2338 to eliminate the extraneous dot – like dot… a dot for xxx’s sake


And really – after eliminating the extraneous dot we got:


That is looking better…

But – as the title says – we still have a long way to go to make this happen in a way that is straightforward for everyday BIM users.

Credits to Der Architekt – Peter Kompolschek for debugging this.

And life is – getting better, inch by inch…

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