It’s been a while – admittedly with Covid and all the other noise of 2020 going on we were busy to save – our skins, the company, you name it.

Changeover – 2020 bye bye – here comes 2021

2021 – fresh year – less noise on the TV regarding an American President, so we can focus on our real life things again.

Due to an unexpected hoopla I had to reinstall my workstation and – low and behold – we went into the other Autodesk offerings in our account and we found Fusion 360.

Nice little piece of soft – pretty cool to edit your STL files for sending it to the 3D printer.

And it comes with a desktop connector

I have all my Fusion files at hand – so – I thought, lets clean up, let me get rid of these little doggerels that claim cloud space (and probably Autodesk credits)…

Turns out – we cant…

At least not from the desktop connector..

There is an article on how to get that done at: How to delete or archive a file or project in Fusion 360 | Fusion 360 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

But for the time being – Autodesk is owning my Fusion 360 designs – not that I have anything incriminating or embarrassing up there – but if you plan to choose Fusion 360 to model anything that might earn you Facebook presence… think twice…

The tip of today

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