I can’t remember my own name…

(I think I’ve gone insane…) Another 90íes song title that come to mind but summarized beautifully the finding of the day.

Think coordinates – long ones. Think about geo-referencing your Revit file. Think about angles and coordinate precision.

Allow me to take you onto a ride – we start simple. In Revit we rig up a simple test bed such as this:


That’s the project units – now lets set up the project:



Basic – lets just add a dimension to the angle:


Now – to make it a bit of a challenge – let us apply shared coordinates to this:


And now let’s check the output after exporting it to DWG:


So far all looks good – here is a close-up measured in AutoCAD


Now let’s change those shared coordinates to something mildly insane – but Chinese Xi’an 80 system has insane long numbers:


Now lets see the result in AutoCAD:


If you look at the coordinates in AutoCAD you might see the difference


Source files are available upon request.

And for now – life is good…




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