Hidden by the dashboard…

Sometimes things are in plain sight but we don’t see them… like – pun intended – Revit reveals…

Objective was to grab all reveals hosted in a wall and sum their length up and write the sum into a parameter of the wall.

So there areNoname.png

So we either have a single or multiple reveals in one wall. Now some Dynamo logic:


Let’s dissect this for once in a while since it took us some time to figure:


In Types reveals show up as wall sweeps – in categories > all elements of category they don’t show up at all BTW – so we have to take the reveals and work our way back to the walls

Which happens here – thanks to Copyright(c) 2015, Konrad K Sobon


And then the piece-de-resistance

List Group by Key and Math Sum – Magik (“k” intended…):


And the result:


And life of course is good again…

BTW – have you checked that reveals won’t subtract from the Wall area but do subtract from volume – kind of wired…


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