A moon over Marin…

Edit: Song title by DK back then 199x so what… great psychobilly guitar riff BTW…

Once in a while – Sunday, not too much to prep for the coming week and the sky outside is depressingly grey, so – apert of some good food and drinks – what is better than a nice rendering… hold it – wait a second – “Rendering” – that is so 1990ies – but alas, it pleases the eye and sometimes makes you feel good…

So let’s go and we try to keep it easy…

Here we have a model – it’s our neighbours new flat…


Then we take our favourite tool for the job – Keyshot – kudos and a lot of them go to these people, girls and guys here… and you know us at LRCZ here – we are not easily endorsing stuff…

Click a button:


Keyshot 7 > Render

And now – sit back and relax for 5 to 10 minutes depending on your workstation (did I mention I like Xeon based ones a lot…)


And the result after a short wait:


Life is good – and our neighbours might be happy…

Again – Livingroomcraftz likes Keyshot:



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