Win through being cool…

Well, sane people enjoy holidays, sane people enjoy weekends, sane people… people with a condition described as morbus dynamoensis do Dynamo at those days.

But the stuff we did today is too cool not to be shared. And – other than usual – we won’t walk you through all the Dynamos – instead we invite you to send a message if you are really interested in how the stuff works.

Let me just show you a little teaser – here is this complex scaffolding assembly – constructed with a Dynamo script.


Note the line on the top left end of the structure. And remember that all the elements are still single parts.


First script will move all parts along the line:




And after selecting a single element in the scaffolding:


All moved. Note the detail:


As said above – this is just a tease for a variety of scripts to follow. You are interested? Send us a message…

Some more stuff…

From here:


To here:


In a single step:


The Dynamo is here:


More to come the upcoming days. And life is (almost) good…


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