Sunshine superman…

Donovan… the bass line is kinda cool and sets a good background for banging brains with Dynamo/Revit under pressure…

Saturday is family day… – yes – in a perfect world Saturday would be the kind of family day when you just sleep long – have a relaxed afternoon with some nice treats outside and then convene for a nice dinner…

Perfection does not exist – so Family day became Revit family day and – as a disclaimer – there is a bit of Dynamo involved but not much… some complex family stuff and more yet to come…

So – the job is to create repetitive scaffolding elements in Revit and – after banging heads for days finally – we found the conclusion how it goes easily…

So that was the first attempt in Dynamo positioning all the little nitty -gritty elements individually which was surprisingly stable – but hey – that graph is nothing I would like to see on any of may client’s desk:


So this spaghetti Dynamo produces this


But honestly – the graph looks like – … – fetching for words…

More elegantly we do it by tweaking the families into assemblies:


This graph is looking much better and produces a better result:


UI – merci to Data-Shapes (did I tell yop they rock ?) – so now lets see what it does:


So – if you are interested how that all worked out feel free to reach me…

Code – here. If you want to follow it you can reach me for sending you the testbed with the families.

For the rest – life is good…


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3 Responses to Sunshine superman…

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  2. Sam Dehghani says:

    Thanks for your presentation. Is it possoble to have the families?
    Thank you again.


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