I predict

Another song that is stuck in the back of my head and the one line of lyric is hilarious “You’re gonna take a walk in the rain. And you’re gonna get wet”

You want to build a complex assembly in Revit using Dynamo and I can assure you – you’ll have a hard time keeping the marbles up there in your scull working together.

Lets roll this from back to front for a change – the result looks like this:


The Dynamo behind it is probably not the most elegant piece of graph on this planet but – finally, after a week of tinkering around it seems to be stable:


Nonetheless to say – you won’t be able to decipher the graph from the screenshot so if anybody interested ping me or try to dissect it here.

We got a UI around it – thanks to Data-Shapes:


And if we throw it into Dynamo Player we won’t see the ugly spaghetti graph…

Nonetheless, the beauty of all of this is that we managed to position 2787 individual elements in a single run – not too bad in my humble opinion.


Zooming in:


Life is good….

PS: Credits for the parts go to Dutch Steigers.

PS1: This will be refactored by using less Dynamo and more nested families such as this one:


So stay tuned…





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