In the flat field…

Now this is a complex one… look at the assembly of parts in this screenshot – credit to Dutch Steigers – follow them here –


Crazy amount of details and components – so – in Dynamo we try to recreate this and – warning – this is an ongoing story, the Dynamo graph is at 50% yet but there is a system behind the madness…

So – the graph can do this right now:


The graph behind it is – rather complex:


Let’s go through it step-by-step:

Here we analyze the line to build the scaffolding along:


We assemble the initial parts and rotate them into position:


And the rest is copying stuff around…:


This is just a sneak peek int what is going on there but if you are interested stay tuned or send me a PM or mail – again, credit to Dutch Steigers for giving us the opportunity to make this happen…

Life is good…


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