Win through being cool…

Again – a silly song title – name the band and the album and I’ll send you a gift.

Nonetheless – let’s get to the topic and my new friend Alfred thinks it has some real potential as well – here is Alfred:


So the story goes – while trying in good openBIM spirit to get an IFC into Revit we noticed that some elements come in faceted:


Let’s take a look at the roof – a piece of planar slab and still – a faceted import geometry:


To clarify:


Import symbol… ouch – we do not want to have that, Revit is not good with foreign geometry at all and especially this kind of import symbol that turned out to be a mesh.

Hmmm – how are we going to make a genuine Revit geometry out of this? Dynamo helps…


Let me walk you though this graph – first we are getting the element in question and its geometry:


Nothing new – now we deconstruct the mesh using sone secret sauce from Spring Nodes:


Now we construct a solid from the faces of the mesh:


And then again – Spring Nodes to our help – we create a loadable family of the category of our choice:


Which results in:


And see – it is a loadable family composed out of a free-form element:


And now let’s just contemplate how much we can do with creating genuine Revit solids out of meshes…

Life is good…

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  2. could be the one by Casale – Live 1981 Seattle



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