A quick one…

One of the things about Dynamo we love is the quick solution. OK – there are complex workflows we sometimes attempt and that is all fine and good and probably should be left to real programmers – but then, every day or two we encounter challenges¬† to tackle…

So – tonight, Christmas Day, easy day, I am just prepping an IFC for use in tomorrows task and while getting it into Revit is shows a load of room related warnings.


The task is to use the IFC as a backdrop for a site model, so rooms are the least of concern for me right now and just lets nuke them out.

That’s the IFC in Revit (ouch – but that will be another story…)


That’s the Dynamo:


And that is all it needs – rooms gone – file performs well all is good…

More substantial Dynamo groove to come these days…


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