Happiness is dry feet…

Another little Dynamo – this time we make sure that no water enters the basement and we”ll install a structural connection family at the bottom of the wall that joins basement wall and foundation slab together.

In Revit terms – positioning a line based family at the center line of the bottom of a wall.

That are the walls


This is the Dynamo:


The workflow:


The result:


Let’s quickly dissect the Dynamo:

This part only created the User Interface and if you want to know about that – please let me know.

Here is the more beefy part:


At first we need to get al faces from the walls and identify the bottom ones:


Very cool custom node – thanks to the Clockwork package

Next we need to get the perimeter curves of those surfaces:


Here we find the points to construct a line to place our family along:


Family placed, backed so that the next run will not remove already placed items.


And the result:


And life is good again…


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