Zoo time…

Well – another challenge brought forward: find the contact surface between two joined walls and place a line-based family onto it.. think of this like a structural connection element that keeps a CMU wall connected to a cast in place wall.

Here’s the bigger picture:


Let’s dissect the dynamo:


This part utilizes the Data-Shapes Package to build a user interface to select the walls and the connecting family type. The result of this lokks like that:


After selecting the elements we go into the main part of the script: first we get the geometric intersection of the surfaces of the wall…


Now we extract the intersecting surface and construct a line use their u,v lines:


Now that we have that we can place the family:Noname

And the end result is:


Family placed… depending how fancy you want to be you could add a load of model detail into the family… maybe a later post…

But for now – life is good…



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