Hurry on sundown…

A summary of this week – first of all, I just love silly error messages and our good old Revit app is full of them. Like this:


Yes, really, I want to print a single sheet as a single sheet. Sure, that is just a little slip of developers attention, but – well – you know – this software is supposed to cost money. Would you tolerate this on your brand new Mercedes Benz? “Are you sure you want to drive me?” – comical at best…

No new Dynamo so far this week, sorry, too much other stuff going on…

From the department of “Tips and Tricks”: we got in a DWG that would violently refuse to display in Revit:


Your keen eye might be able to see the one pixel – this is calling for trouble… so Wblock stuff out and clean it up


Now the DWG looks like this


Not too bad – lets get it into Revit:


Nothing… long story short – the DWG had stuff > 33km in z – direction and that made Revit just tell me to well.. f$#* myself…


Flattening a botched up DWG is not as simple as it sounds… any comments welcome but we found something…

Remedy – we take the DWG into a drafting view in Revit and downscale it


Wow – the DWG becomes visible…

Next step – export to DWG again:


In AutoCAD – flat as flat can be….

Back in Revit:


Yeah – we see stuff… and the precision is not too bad…



Life is good…


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