It’s been some time of quietness – the reason is that we were consumed with production work and not so much time has been left over for some creative thinking but – here we go – let’s dissect a workflow…

Goal is – we have a DWG that gives us outlines for a landscaping project and we want to convert all the different areas into floors for shaping the landscaping.

As expected the DWG looks like – well, a DWG you get from a consultant:


So – how do we get from here to there:


Step 1 – Dynamo and BimorphNodes:


Model lines in Revit:


Now we can isolate a loop and get a floor family created out of it:


Step 2: Dynamo again…


What we are doing here is pretty simple

  • collect the curves
  • join them together and create a surface
  • extrude the surface
  • create a family instance

And what we got – a Revit family with a free form element


The mystery of the free form element still need disambiguation but that is topc of another night


We’ll come to that – for now, life is good…


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