Gone with the wind…

It’s BILT time (no zoo time, no she or he time, this is gone soon…) – and here is the link to register.

Why should you come – simply you will find a lot of well minded speakers who will help you to resolve your BIM related problems. Just we have fun doing so.

And that’s the it – that is why you should come, that is where you can learn more in 3 days than you can buy consultancy time. (Oops, commercial suicide for yours truly here)

Anyways – not going without a tip:

All family types of a specific loadable family symbol:


Additionally – had a really tough one on removing corrupted shared parameters from a file – here is the workflow:


This gives me a list wit IDs:


Now just select the ID Number – go to:


Then hit Delete – the button on your keyboard…

And life is good…


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