A quick one (while he is away)…

Remember The Who? Their first mini opera… A quick one… The guitar arpeggios with the Dsus4  chord at the beginning – made me try over and over and over again…

D-Suspended 4th-D-x,x,0,2,3,3

Anyways – a quick litke trick – we are modelling this handsome building at the moment ans you know how the analytical model enabled can drag your performance down. Moving a wall takes ages…


And that is what we are talking about – four stories done, four more to go


So – why not just disable the analytical model while editing and turning it on later again – bummer, it’s an instance parameter:


Big fun doing it manually – so Dynamo to the rescue

Disable Analytical Model from Moidelical.

All it takes is this – the boolean is the toggle to disable and re-enable


For those of you who try to avoid custom packages – here is the broken down version:


Anyways – life is good…

PS.: I just reviewed the model and here we go:


Zero Warnings – We’ll keep it that way…


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