Smart Patrol… we shove the poles…

Oh dear music – Devo, Smart Patrol running in the background…

This post is going to be continued – it’s a complex one but we’ll get to a point here.

Problem of the day is – the busy bees here at Livingroomcraftz have a nice little model and now we need all the elements below ground as a single piece of geometry in order to use it as a cookie cutter for the soil to get excavation masses.

So the model is this:


Mind you, no underground parking but we have a really bad soil situation so we have to dig really deep to reach stable ground, that’s why getting the quantities here is critical.

The excavation model is getting into shape – the red stuff is what we need to dig away for the parking lot alone – 777 m3 of earth, that’s quite a lot of trucks.


Next will be the building – but for doing this exercise in Dynamo we need one (1) piece of native Revit solid geometry to slice though the topo layers.

The graph for that is here:


Quite simple – you collect all the geometry, join it together and create a loadable family from it.

The original file:


More than 100 pieces of geometry – and I was way too lazy to remodel that as a single piece.

The result after running the script:


One piece of native Revit geometry – ready for further processing with this:


More on that in the coming days…

Life is good…

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