All I ever wanted was everything…

You are looking at a structural model. We see load-bearing exterior walls and little pieces that form the sill in between them. In a forward thinking manner modeled sperately and with a different wall type.


Now the change – we need to change them to non-load-bearing and shorten them at each end for 1 cm so that we have a gap.

Imagine doing this OOTB Revit – first we need to select the wall, disable join at beginning and end (otherwise even shortened they’d rejoin and the gap would disappear) shorten them at each end which is a pain by itself. There are 176 instances in this rather small model – imagine doing this for thousands.

Dynamo to the rescue:


The idea is to analyse all these walls, recreate them shorter, make them not join and then delete the old ones.

Now step-by-step


Here we collect the walls and create a list


Here we retrieve the wall curves and create vectors by start point and end point


Here we move the start point and the end point in the desired location and create the new walls


The python script disables the joins – we’ll come to that in a second. As soon that is done we delete the original walls. Now to the Python script:


Quite easy.

The result:


Hi-res screenshot of the graph here.

Life is good…

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