Behind the screens

There is a lot going on these days.. from scripts to conferences to registering funny domain names – more on that to come…

Just to make it a day – here is a very elegant little Dynamo script to retrieve all rooms from a linked file and create matching lists with ducts passing through them – tomorrow we are going to discuss (with the client) which info they really want to see in the duct and in which parameter.

The interesting and challenging part is that a single duct crosses more than one room – so  which room does it belong to? But that is up for discussion

Graph is here:


You need the MEP ducts in the main project, the rooms are in a linked project…

And for sure not limited to ducts, think pipes, cable trays, conduits,…

And the following boring disclaimer hides an Easter-egg  to a website you want to follow as soon as we got our s.. stuff together, give us a fortnight…


Life is fun so life is good…


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