The Day of Creation

Another silly title – a novel by my favorite writer J.G.Ballard

Anyways – there is an annoying behavior in Dynamo – at least for me – you create stuff in one run of the graph.


Then you run the graph again to create some more stuff. The stuff created before gets deleted.


Note: Please Dynamo team – give us a toggle so that we don’t have to constantly work around this issue.

The graph to the above is here:


Now – how do we make that stuff stick? It’s especially tricky with annotation objects. When experimenting with we found out that pinning the dimension line would save her from deletion. So – after some searching – we found Element.SetPinnnedStatus from the Rhythm package.




(Image source:

Sure, we pinned with Dynamo so it is clever enough to undo all and just redo the dimension line.

The remedy: a little Python script added to that:


The code of the script is super easy – it basically transforms elements to Design Script Type elements. And then they stick.


Don’t ask me why it works – but it works


Life is good…


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