The game is afoot

My friend Daniel Hurtubise pointed me to the Data Shapes package in Dynamo and I could not resist to try it – it’s really cool.


It basically enables you to build a User Interface for your Dynamo scripts. So here I have the graph:


This will allow you to select a box in Revit (in-place model, any category except Generic Model)


The script will then process every item of category Generic Model inside the box and write the name, article number and count into an Excel spreadsheet.


The fun part with Data-Shapes now is that we can make the selection process more interactive – here is the part of the graph where the good stuff happens:Noname

The result when firing up the script is:


Combine that with Dynamo player in Revit 2017 and you’ll have a slick professionally-looking add in.

Hi-res screenshot of the graph is here.

Credits go to Data|Shapes – you’ll find them here.

Life is good…


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