Whats in a name?

In the last post we showed how to create a line for every line style in the project. Now let’s push this a bit further – goal is to create a drafting view, create the lines for each line style and label them.

The graph looks like this:



And it will create this:


Here are the parts – getting the line styles


Creating the view and a detail line in it


Copying the lines


Assigning the styles – note that for whatever reason we cannot use the built in parameter name – so you need to change the name when running on a non English platform


Creating the labels – since we can’t use real labels on lines the trick was to create text and place it at the endpoint of the line. And in this case we concatenated the list into one string using \n to create the line feeds.


Last step – remove the original line when all is done


Could be handy if you want to document what is in your project…



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2 Responses to Whats in a name?

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  2. Jean-Marc Couffin says:

    hi, nice work,
    are you using dynamo 1.2, I can’t get it to work for some reason, it does not copy by vector.


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